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Some years ago I bought a stick it yourself matchstick model of a 1920’s London Bus for our Grandson, he found it impossible to make and so did I so I found some 3mm thick  fibreboard in the shed (everything in my shed) and bought a coping saw and very carefully cut out the parts according to the plan.  I then entered it in to the Craft Section of the local Village Show – I won First Prize.  On the back of the red ‘First Prize’ sticker the judge had written ‘I am advised that you are under 11 years old’. The bus had rolled along the table into the children’s section – honest!

IMG_1594 IMG_1608 IMG_1596 IMG_1612 IMG_1597 IMG_1603

The wheels are slices of rainwater pipe and the far sighted advertising above the door says est 1906!