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Thursday 24th September 2020



Dear Reader,


If you are wondering why a few images have been removed from this blog - please read on.


On page 4 of this blog for Friday 21st August 2015 I wrote a short account of my trip around the M25 to visit a 100-year-old Aunt in a care home and ailing relations in Romford.  I was reading Jane Eyre at the time.


In order to illustrate my thoughts I included an image of The QE2 Bridge which was/is on the RAC website giving information about the Dart Crossing.


Wrong decision.  Last week I was charged a substantial amount of money by PicRights dot com for using the image.


I can understand an artist or originator of a piece of work wanting to protect their work from being used for commercial gain but when innocent 80-year-old bloggers get hounded by outfits like PicRights dot com for extortionate amounts of money you begin to wonder what the world has become.


It saddens me to think that when in times of National and International Crisis there are people out there who can find nothing better to do than terrorise innocent old (and young) bloggers.


In order to pay this extortionate amount, amongst other things, I have cut back on contributions to our favourite charities so I hope that PicRights dot com are pleased with their weeks work.


And if you think there is any defence against demands for extortionate amounts of money from PicRights dot com - there isn't.  So beware.


Have a nice day.




And while I'm feeling sad it saddens me to think that The Oxshott Village Sign brass plaques are still barely readable, are oversized and lack detail of what is depicted on the sign.  Oxshott deserves something better in my view. As you will know I am the sign designer and I have had new plaques made which address all the problems and won't cost Oxshott a penny.  You can see them on PAGE 23 if you scroll down to Saturday May 23rd 2020.  So please let me fit them before its too late.


Sounds a bit desperate but what I meant was if you have an interest and have any objections to the new plaques being fitted please let me know, preferably before Christmas.


I know Sam, there are some people out there who have nothing better to do in times of National and International Crisis than worry about Village Sign Plaques.


Sunday 4th October 2020


Not sure about you but Sunday evenings for me, especially wet and cold ones, are times for Karen Carpenter, reflection, nostalgia, half a pint of cider and if you haven't succeeded try, try, try again.  So, if you check back for February last year you will find I started a new career, which for various reasons didn't work out, didn't even earn me enough for a new laptop so I will be shortly starting on yet another career which has elements of everything I've been trained for and everything I've always wanted to do so watch this space.   Seems like a familiar story?  I expect you are thinking how the **** is a crochety old codger going to earn himself enough to buy two bottles of Phyllosan let alone a new laptop, especially in this Covid stricken world,


And if you can't remember what Phyllosan was it was advertised to FORTIFY THE OVER FORTIES in the early fifties so I reckon that two bottles should do it.


Thursday 8th October 2020


And just before I go and while I'm feeling sad it saddens me to think that there are people out there who design forward facing pushchairs.  And it saddens me to think that there are people out there who actually buy them.


Who in their right mind would ever want to be in a forward facing pushchair?  For expletives sake. Especially this time of year.


If you were a toddler would you choose to be in a forward facing pushchair?  No.  Ask any toddler next time you see one in a forward facing pushchair.  And while you're at it ask him/her why he/she hasn't got a cozy hat and coat on, just like his/her pushchair pusher.


So, I would urge the designers of ever more clever, complicated and pointless forward facing pushchairs to turn their mind to The Earthshot Prize.  And if you've never heard of The Earthshot Prize click HERE.


I will of course be submitting for The Earthshot Prize along with the Anti Gravity Machine Chic.


Later the same day.


Somebody's cleaned the OVS brass plaques and believe it or not they are almost readable.  Shame they are still over sized and lack the detail but hey ho!  There you go.  Not only that but flag stones have been laid at the base - impressed.


Not sure if it'll be me or my old laptop that dies first but today we both had a moment.  Hence the confusion Lady Mary - sorry - again.


Saturday 10th October 2020


Dear Lady Mary,


It was very inconsiderate of me to go and get myself wiped out in a road traffic accident.  I would like to assure you that I shall forever look back on our time together as being very special.


Cordially and respectfully yours,


Cousin Matthew.


Sunday 18th October 2020


Now, this is really, REALLY boring.  25 years ago I was walking to work when I had an idea.  25 years later it became a reality in postcode district KT11, how amazing is that?   It might help you find a local job and at the same time help stop the spread of nasty viruses and maybe even save the planet.  Only another 2,299 postcode districts to go!  Let's hope in another 25 years it's still going.


Wednesday 18th October 2045


What an amazing idea walktowork was.  What it must have been like to live with exhaust fumes and noise from cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, trains, ships, planes and petrol driven leaf blowers doesn't bear thinking about.


Bit of a shame that the North Sea has frozen over already this year but at least the polar bears seem to be enjoying the crabs at Cromer.


Tuesday 20th October 2020


I never can be sure who or how many read the drivel but not a lot it seems.  Sorry about the lack of pictures on this page but I'll try to remedy that later.


In case my lights go out I'd like to spell out how I see developing.  Firstly, there's nothing more satisfying than finding somebody else a job.  Back in the late 80's I used to get paid a lot of money for finding jobs for others, I even wrote a book about it which you can find HERE.


Anyway, right now there are no charges or fees for advertisers or applicants.


The key to expanding the idea is to find a person in each postcode area who knows the area well and has lived there for more than 80 years.  They will then make a list of vacancies and post them on the site.


Rewards would come from job satisfaction and a bit of inexpensive advertising for the locals.


My reward would be to franchise out the postcode areas on an eBay auction.  There are 2,300 postcode areas in the UK which would mean a lot of money for my favourite charity but that might be another dream.


A stroll around Richmond Park without masks yesterday listening to crunchy leaves and deer bellowing in the distance was very uplifting,  recommended.


Wednesday 21st October 2020


My old laptop is terminally ill so if you don't hear from me again .............. What was that Sam?  Good what?

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Bomb Shelter

Thursday 22nd October 2020


I promised you a picture and to me, this is the most atmospheric picture that I have ever seen.  Why?  Because it is the inside of a bomb shelter that existed outside The Royal Kent School Oxshott during the war.


The school, all of us, were herded into here everytime the siren went from 1939 to 1945.  We sat on benches, sang songs, stared at the girls opposite and waited for the ALL CLEAR siren to sound.  We then trooped back into the classroom and with any luck we missed out on the school dinners!  Bliss.  I was 5 years old.


Last night on a ZOOM meeting with the school Jodie from Elmbridge Museum came up with the most incredible history of the school celebrating its 200th birthday, thanks Jodie.