Saturday 6th June 2020  (D Day 1944.  D stands for Day in case you didn't know).


Decided to delete a few pointless blogs, sorry about that but don't worry you didn't miss anything.  This blogger is scraping the barrel for something to blog about without mentioning coronavirus, climate change, greenhouse gases, old girlfriends, old motors, fast failing faculties, fast failing laptops, Seyit and Sura? and last but not least The Oxshott Village Sign.


So, if you have any ideas, questions or comments?   You can contact me above.


This morning I surprised myself by changing an old fashioned tap washer in a coroded bathroom tap by employing YouTube, mole grips, a toilet roll middle and a pole from a large sun umbrella and yesterday I found a friendly locksmith from Epsom to come and sort out a neighbours back door so thanks to John from About Turn Locks - highly recommended.


Monday 8th June 2020


Dearest Reader,


Let's face it, all of us are guilty of exploiting each other and the planet.  We are born with a desire to survive which means we have to eat something or somebody.


We need to open our mouths the widest, scream the loudest or push somebody out of the nest.


And then when we have learnt to survive, we are programmed to exploit further.  


We may not think we are exploiting but the mere fact that the human species needs clothes, shoes, a roof and stuff means dwindling resources.  Especially if we are procreating at an R of more than 1.0.


The current rate of increase in population is 1.05 and decreasing.  


The highest rate of population increase was in 1967 when the R was more than 2.0 so sorry about that (but personally incredibly proud, privileged, lucky, fortunate and forever grateful to be given the chance to be able to contribute, see below).


The rate of population increase is predicted to decline so good news for the human species and good news for the planet.


If you need incredible real-time proof click on


Love from Bob x


Tuesday 9th June 2020


If you didn't manage to see the graph on the above page showing the Rate of Population Increase see below.

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Prev       <      Bob's Blog Page 24

R value

This is the magic R Value or Rate of population increase.  If it is below 1.0 then the population is decreasing, at the moment it is 1.05 and falling.


1967 was the peak so no worries!

R = 1.0

Is that perfectly clear?

baby birds June 12 1974

Wednesday 12th June 1974


Arrow black large Dan at the Brambles

Friday 12th June 2020


Friday 12th June 2020


Happy Birthday to Dan.


Dan gardening at The Brambles (No 36) Little Heath Lane where his Great, Great Grandparents lived, his Great Grandparents lived, his Grandfather was born and his Father used to drink his Grandmothers homemade dandelion wine at Christmas!

Arrow black large Arrow black large

Saturday 13th June 2020


Yesterday I spent all morning on my knees fitting a new basin in a cloakroom and this morning I added a new dreamy drawing to my Art Gallery.  I'm also getting cheesed off with the b***** parakeets pinching all the birdseed.


Monday 15th June 2020


Another light bulb moment yesterday.  The jackdaw's nest in the chimney fell into the gutter which meant either a dodgy climb up the ladder or design an innovative long reach gutter cleaning device.  Guess which worked best?  So, if you would like a ladderless gutter clean let me know.  Also a slight modification to Mo Lisa.


Saturday 20th June 2020


This blog has reached its aim of becoming so boring readership has dwindled to zero.  So now my favourite reader will never know I've deleted a few of my artworks on Page 1 of my Art Gallery.  The reason being that they were b****** awful so apologies to my favourite reader if she ever happens to visit the most boring blog in the world (TMBBITW) ever again.


Just to liven things up I only collected half a dozen frantic thigh pumping cyclists on the bonnet this morning on our way to Ranmore Common for a stroll along the ridge which was awe inspiring.  We bumped into a half dozen Belted Galloways which weren't too keen on social distancing, they were chewing the gorse bushes which must have been b***** painful but would have made a great painting.


Not so b***** funny is the result of my eye test yesterday which means that I've got to have a few more eye injections starting Monday so let me know if you deetekt en knee spel ling mys takes.


I've always wanted to fly a six foot wing span radio controlled glider from the ridge at Ranmore so I reckon a visit to Mick Charles Models at Stoneleigh might well be on the cards if they are open.  What do you think (TMBGITW)?


Thursday 25th June 2020


Continuing on with the most boring blog in the world (TMBBITW) I'd like to correct an error in the entry for last Saturday,  the Belted Galloways weren't chewing the gorse bushes they were chewing the hawthorn bushes which must be even more b*****  painful.


My 10th eye injection went without a hitch so if you feel like sticking needles in your eyes I would recommend The Royal Surrey at Guildford.  Don't forget your sun glasses, you won't be able to see a b*****  thing when you come out.


It would appear that Mick Charles Models at Stoneleigh closed a while ago so that's a shame as I was thinking of buying another Spitfire.  Although to be realistic my modelling days are pretty much over as 20/20 vision and a steady hand are now a distant memory.  


Even reading a book called 'Around the World in 80 Trains' by Monisha Rajesh is a bit of a challenge as the only interesting bit is that Monisha's boyfriend comes from Cobham.  Sorry Monisha but I would rate it as TMBBITW.  So perhaps the writers of TMBBITW and TMBBITW should get together?  


I'd like to congratulate TMBGITW for yet another couple of moving artworks of a Spitfire Pilot and a Bottle, Book and Candle.


I'd love to know the story of the Spitfire Pilot if possible.


Stay cool, it's going to be 33 degrees C in Oxshott Woods today.


Later the same day.  Following yet another punishing hike up and down and around Polesden Lacey - Phew!


Friday 26th June 2020


Around five years ago when I started this blog I put this on the front page -


It tries not to be introspective, embarrass anyone or use bad language but occasionally fails on all counts, sorry.


I've repeated it a number of times since but I will say it again -


It tries not to be introspective, embarrass anyone or use bad language but occasionally fails on all counts, sorry.


Just recently I've been pushing my luck so please make allowances for a crusty old f... sorry, codger who should know better.


Monday 29th June 2020


Just in case anybody happens to be reading this you will find yet another artwork added to Page 2 of my Gallery.  It's in memory of a 'War Hero'.


And if you have an interest in Spitfires I would recommend listening to 'Spitfire: The Peoples Plane' on BBC Sounds.  An amazing account of the development of the Spitfire in nine 20 minute talks and interviews expertly put together and narated by Tuppence Middleton. You can click HERE if you trust me!  Thinks, I wonder if Tuppence knows Penny or Bob Tanner!  One of the episodes features Beatrice Shilling who invented a very important part for the Spitfire which could be construed as rude!


Tuesday 30th June 2020


Not feeling too good today, must be something I ate or maybe I'm a bit worried about who is going to pay for my (and your) pension if nobody is going to work and paying taxes. Think about it and let me know what you think.  There seems to be lots of thinkers out there at the moment.


Wednesday 1st July 2020


My backs gone again but I still managed to walk round the cemetary and say 'Hi' to all my old mates.  And add yet another picture to my Art Gallery, sorry Tim.  Not only that I counted 35 sparrows, 7 starlings, 2 jackdaws and a parrot fighting over my fat balls.


Friday 3rd July 2020


The only problem with feeding the sparrows so well is that they breed like rabbits, fly around like clouds of locusts, attract the local sparrow hawk who comes in low like a Spitfire with his (or her) ground hugging radar at 100 mph and plucks one out the sky leaving only a pile of fluffy down feathers fluttering in the breeze.  Poor little *******.

circus act

Monday 6th July 2020


This might seem funny at first but in fact it was very sad.  Walking across a field full of sheep near Rye in East Sussex, as you do, we came across a sheep lying motionless.  Fortunately David the farmer was not far away so he came along to see what could be done.  Following a healing session and a few roly poly's Shorn the Sheep was able to blink and look sorry for herself.  Let's hope she makes a full recovery.


And if you happen to be in that area and you are looking for somewhere to take your easel and paint brushes don't miss Great Dixter, the house and garden are a wild dream.


And if you like old fashioned sweeties served from glass jars you will be amazed at  Britcher and Rivers sweety shop in Rye High Street.  To maintain social distancing you will be served with a two metre fishing net, no need to go in the shop. You name it, he's got it.